Payment for education.

Easily invoice, collect and reconcile your incoming cashflows. Bespoke reports allow you to stay on top of your billing cycles. Suitable for schools, colleges, coaching centres and other education institutions.

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How will education institutions benefit?

Enable your staff to focus on developing students while we focus on simplifying your business and bringing your overheads down.

Receive payments round the clock directly into your bank account.

Active management of account receivables.

Manage, record and track your payments with ease..

Save cost and effort in printing invoices.

Real time and automated reconciliation.

Reduce late payments and set automated reminders.

Faster funds settlements with eHissab.

Improved customer satisfaction with convenience & flexibility.

How parents will benefit??

Quick, easy and convenient fee payment..

Make payments instatnly from your debit or credit cards.

Reduce effort by making payments from the comfort of your home.

Feel secure through our application for online payments.

Remove dependency on office hours for fee submission.


Pay your staff quicker by receiving payments for their services faster.


Digital invoices are easy to track, quick to create and are cost effective. They also never get misplaced..

All in one

Invoice for consultation, treatments, tests and more.

Grow your business.

Providing your organisation an edge over your competition through eHissab's financial technology solutions. Attain key business insights enabling smart operations.